Apr 23, 2007

The Bloated Blogosphere

Here I am adding yet another blog to the bloated blogosphere, where already more than 57 million blogs exist. My wee blog is just one of the about 75,000 added each day, which makes me wonder: Will anybody read this?

I imagine I’ll never build a readership similar to what I enjoyed when I worked for newspapers. I was a reporter for a 120,000 circulation daily corporate-owned paper in Florida charged with documenting and reporting the most important issues of the day. Now I’m one of millions of bloggers writing on whatever I want.

As I begin this venture, I can’t help but feel small. I guess I must put faith in the credo, “If you build it they will come.” So I’m building this blog as a venue for my own storytelling, my observations on the ever-changing face of mass media and my musings on the ever-present challenges of the writing life. I hope to be read as I was a newspaper reporter. But even more importantly I hope that this format will allow me to interact with my readers in a way that wasn’t possible before. I hope this blog can provide a setting for large and small discussions with anyone who cares to join.

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