Jun 11, 2007

Signs of blogging as mainstream media

Blogging has officially gone mainstream. I say this because blogging – more specifically live-blogging – is being done from the campaign trail, AND it’s being done by New York Times reporters.

Now if that’s not a sign that blogging is part of the transformation of journalism, I don’t know what is.

So those of us who are interested in, or addicted to, up-to-the-minute news on campaign 2008, we have a source. But here’s a question: Since these reporters are New York Times reporters, will they provide anything different or better than the average blogger?

Check it out. What do you think? Click here

June 10, 2007, 3:26 pm
Sunday Sampler Platter
By Brian Knowlton
Colin Powell made news on Sunday, calling for the immediate closing –- immediate as in “this afternoon” — of the Guantánamo detention center. The former secretary of state also said that he had met twice with Senator Barack Obama as the young Democratic presidential candidate sought foreign-policy advice. And the retired general and Bush administration veteran left open the distinct possibility of endorsing a non-Republican
candidate. ...

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