Jul 30, 2008

What I've been up to

Maybe only my dear friend Henry A. Stephens has noticed the absence of my blog posts, but I thought an explanation was in order. (He demanded one actually.)

I've been a tiny bit busy.... graduating.

This photo is my offer of proof. Pictured here are myself and my partner, Michael Werner, and in the middle is Lauren Kessler, the director of the the literary nonfiction graduate program we completed this June at the University of Oregon.

The push to the finish was intense, fueled by gallons of coffee and small doses of sleep. But I'm sure in a few years, I'll only remember the excitement of it all.

Naturally, in the wake of graduate school, I've needed a little time to recover: to break my addiction to coffee, to soak in Oregon's amazing summer months and yes, to return to a more healthy (and sustainable) writing life.

More soon. I promise. But I must go pick some blueberries first.

1 comment:

Primate said...

I noticed! And missed you!

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