Jun 18, 2009

Returning to the blogosphere

Dear Readers,

I apologize sincerely. I've been feeling very guilty about how long I've been absent from this blog. All I can say is life took over. Writing, teaching and multimedia projects have meant little sleep in the past six months.

In the thick of the busiest times, I'd wake up in a bleary-eyed panic over how I hadn't blogged in days ... then weeks ... then months. I'd vow to post something that day, but then my to-do list would present itself, all full of angry exclamation points and capital letters.

Looking back now, it felt like six months of back-to-back deadlines.

But I've conquered most of the list and can now turn my attention to blogging. Here's a preview of the exciting posts to come ... the Telling Stories Short Story contest winners, a new web design contest, my latest multimedia projects, author interviews and some great audio slideshows produced by my students.

Stay tuned. I promise it won't be long.

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